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Welcome to DataSHaPER website

The DataSHaPER (Data Schema and Harmonization Platform for Epidemiological Research) is both a scientific approach and a suite of practical tools. Its primary aims are to facilitate the prospective harmonization of emerging biobanks, provide a template for retrospective synthesis and support the development of questionnaires and information-collection devices, even when pooling of data with other biobanks is not foreseen.

The development of these tools has been jointly funded by P³G, CPT, PHOEBE, and Generation Scotland.

A DataSchema identifies and describes a thematic set of core variables that are of particular value in a specified scientific setting.
It also contains associated support material including variable definitions, links to relevant Ontologies and Classifications, and access to reference questionnaires and operating procedures.
The Harmonization Platform provides a template for the formal estimation of the potential to synthetized information between studies. At present, access to the Harmonization Platform is limited to collaborative context.

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